3 Top Tourist Attractions In Salt Lake, Utah

Have you ever visited Salt Lake Utah because if you haven’t, then you should consider going? There are plenty of tourist attractions located throughout Salt Lake City and you should know what some of them are. With that said, below are the top three tourist attractions in the city.

1. Hogle Zoo- The Hogle Zoo is one of the best zoos in Utah and it is 42-acres. The zoo is home to a diverse number of animals and there are numerous attractions you can see while there. For example, you can take a train ride, ride on the conservation carousel or visit lighthouse point splash zone during the summer months. While at Hogle Zoo, you can view primates, elephants and hundreds of other animals, so if you’re looking for a fun day out and an educational experience, then make sure you visit the Hogle Zoo.

2. Temple Square- This is a complex that is very large and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns it. You can easily spend an entire day at Temple Square, as there are plenty of things to do. It doesn’t matter what time of the year, you will love visiting there, but make sure you take the time to visit the museums, libraries and dine at the rooftop restaurant because you will love it. This place is great for people of all ages, so feel free to bring your entire family along with you.

3. Great Salt Lake State Park- This is a great state park and one of the most well-known ones in America and there are many things you can do there. For example, in the winter time you can go skiing in the nearby area, but don’t worry because you don’t have to be a professional or anything like that. If you’re a fan of boating and camping, then you’ll love this park, but here’s a tip, make sure you camp there for at least a few days because you’ll want the chance to explore as much of the park as you possibly can. The park is large and you need plenty of time to explore it.

Those are three amazing tourist attractions in Salt Lake Utah. The city is home to many other attractions, but you should visit the above ones first. After you check out those attractions, then you can visit other ones. You will love what the city has to offer and you will want to visit again and again.